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Examples of Two-Factor Authentication & Why They Matter

Two-factor authentication is increasing in popularity throughout all industries, from banking to online gaming. This technology improves security for both businesses and consumers.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a two-step process used to verify a user’s identity. During this process, the user typically provides information, such as a password or pin number, in addition to another factor. The second factor may be an item the user has in his or her possession, or it may be a fingerprint, a voice pattern or another characteristic that is difficult to duplicate.

Two-factor authentication offers many benefits to businesses and individual users alike. Not only does it enhance security, but it also provides you with better peace of mind. In addition, implementing two-factor authentication is a cost-effective security measure.

Examples of Two-Factor Authentication

Some of the most common examples of two-factor authentication include:

  • Banks – Most banks now have two-factor authentication available to their customers. This technology improves the security of the customer’s account, and it reduces the risk of breaches that may impact the bank’s reputation.
  • Google – Google offers two-factor authentication for users with any Google account. Since many people use their Google accounts for more than one purpose, this level of protection is essential. If one of these accounts is compromised, the others are vulnerable as well.
  • PayPal – Since PayPal may be connected to a user’s bank accounts and credit cards, protecting the account is very important. Fortunately, PayPal offers two-factor authentication to all consumers.
  • Steam – The popular gaming platform Steam has also established two-factor authentication for its users. This protects gamers from hacking, fraud and other issues.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Softwares (ERPs) – An ERP is an enormous resource for any company, providing access to much of the business. For this reason, it must be kept secure. Many of the big-name ERPs have now enabled two-factor authentication in some form.

Now Is the Time to Adopt Two-Factor Authentication

The examples above represent just a small sample of the organizations and companies that now offer or require two-factor authentication. Soon, this technology will be required for every type of login.

Although establishing and using two-factor authentication may be slightly inconvenient for you, it is much more inconvenient for the criminals who hope to break into your accounts. If you aren’t already using this technology to protect yourself or your company, now is the time to start.

Key Takeaways

  • Because of its many benefits, two-factor authentication is increasing in popularity throughout all industries.
  • Some of the most common examples of two-factor authentication include updated security protocols enacted by banks, Google, PayPal, Steam and Enterprise Resource Planning Softwares.
  • Two-factor authentication will soon be mandatory. Now is the time to start using two-factor authentication to protect yourself and/or your company.

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